Emotions are much like waves
we can't stop them from coming
but we can choose which ones to surf

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We care for your mental health as much as you care, so we provide professional and specific assistance and guidance in resolving personal and psychological problems by an expert in therapeutic way.

Pre-Marital Counselling

Many people have fear and misconceptions about marriage. Counsellor can help to overcome this fear by providing proper assistance and by giving guidelines to choose suitable partner, if necessary sex education. Help is given to identify strengths as well as weaknesses which can create problems in the marriage and guidance for strong and healthy relationship.

Marital Counselling

It is the process of providing assistance, guidance and help to a couple to recognize and reconcile the differences. There can be strenuous relationship between a couple which always ends in an argument. Couple may have issues related to their sexuality, difference of opinion, parenting issues. Counsellor help to have a harmony in relationship by improving communication in this intimate relationship in a therapeutic way.

Counselling to housewives

Housewives may suffer from various problems which includes financial problems, emotional needs being not met, lifelong frustration due to sexual problems, menopausal problems. Counselor can help them understand their own worth as a housewife and encourage them to live happy, stress-free and satisfied life in a therapeutic way.

Stress Management Counselling

Stress is a consequence which occurs when demands from the self and society are not fulfilled. Stress comes along with its physical, emotional as well as behavioural symptoms. Counsellor helps an individual to identify the exact cause of stress which is putting burden on him/her and help him/her to deal with it in therapeutic way.

Adolescent Counselling

Adolescence is a critical period in teenager’s life, as it is a transition period from childhood to adulthood. Various changes takes place in them on mental, physical, emotional and social front. Managing life with pressure from school, friends and family can create stress in adolescents, with the feeling of disrespected and being misunderstood. Understanding them and discuss with them importance of relationships at this age as well as giving them sexuality education to handle their relations in a matured way.

Counselling to old age people

We understand that older people do need counselling too. Counsellor understand their emotional needs and help them to keep their mind and body active. Old age people think ageing as their enemy, fear of death and dealing with diseases like high blood pressure, diabetics, arthritis become stressful for them. They may feel worthless, inadequate due to which they may suffer from depression. Counsellor help them to live happy and satisfied life at this age too.

Child and Parent Counselling

Relation between child and parent is very special. Child is precious to parents. By assessing child parent relationship, counsellor helps the child through therapeutic talk with parents, play therapy and art therapy with children for treating problems faced by them. The result of these therapies are excellent as children come out with their feelings and experiences. Counsellor help to deal with this effectively which can resolve behavioral problems, academic problems as well as anger management in children.

Bach Flower Therapist

Bach flower remedies used for many conditions including anxiety, depression, stress and emotional trauma. They gently soothe negative emotions like fear, worry, haterade and indecision that disrupt the body equilibrium.




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तंत्रज्ञान आणि आजची पिढी
(Tantradyan And Ajachi Pidhi)

उतारवयात हवा आनंदी जीवनाचा ध्यास
(Utarwayat hava anandi jeevanacha dhyas)

स्वतःकडे बघा 'स्व' दृष्टीनं
(Swatahakade bagha 'swa' drushtini)

अजीब दास्ताँ है ये
(Ajib dasta hai yeh)

मोबाईल तपासावा कशाला
(Mobile tapasava kashala)


Ms. Seema Jathar
Counsellor and Psychotherapist
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Basic Qualification
B. Com.
M.A. Counselling Psychology (Pursuing)

Additional Qualifications
Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-Primary Teaching from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Pune

Basic and advance course of Psychotherapy in Disha Psychological Center, Pune

REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) workshop at Disha

Expert in application of following Psychotherapies
Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy
Behaviour Therapy
Person Centred Therapy
Family Therapy
Supportive Therapy
Cognitive Therapy
Art Therapy

Career Track
Worked as Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Disha Counselling Center, Pune - From 2014 To 2016

Conducted lectures in all courses and workshop held in Disha Counselling Center especially in Basic Course of Counselling and Advance Course of Counselling - From 2014 To 2016

Conducted workshops for Parents, Teachers and Students

Counselling sessions conducted for Adolescence in various schools and conducted counselling sessions for Juveniles at 'Juvenile Justice Board, Pune (JJB) with 'STEP UP' foundation (NGO), Pune - From 2015 To 2018

Worked as Pre-Primary Teacher in Bal Shikshan Mandir, Pune - From 2008 To 2014


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 Address : 8 Ashirwad Apt. Ganesh Nagar, Erandwane, Pune 411004
 Phone : 8805021651
 E-Mail : contact@sanwadcounselling.com
 Web : www.sanwadcounselling.com


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